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Adam Greenfield, Irving Commons co-founder

Project summary

The Irving Commons is a project, lead by local neighbors, businesses, and organizations, to investigate the possibility* of Irving Street between 9th and 10th Avenues in San Francisco's Inner Sunset neighborhood becoming a pedestrian plaza.

Evidence around the world shows that pedestrian plazas:

  • Give identity to a neighborhood
  • Can have positive economic impacts
  • Encourage social and cultural activity
  • Improve health and environmental conditions

We believe Irving Street between 9th and 10th Avenues could be a great location for a pedestrian plaza.

This block is:

  • Highly visible and centrally located in the Inner Sunset
  • Next to a high pedestrian density area
  • Is next to prominent public transportation lines, including the N Judah and the 44, 43, 6, and 66 bus lines
  • Home to a diverse array of businesses – including a bar, restaurants, a grocery store, and a post office – that keeps this street active for many hours of the day
  • Close to many homes
  • If pedestrianized, would interfere with no public transportation lines

For more information, please explore this website.

* This means that we are advocating to study this idea first before formally deciding whether or not to actively pursue a pedestrian space.

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