Get involved

Attend a meeting / event

This is a community-driven project. That means we need community members to show up to meetings/events and provide constructive feedback. You can make a huge difference just by showing up!

Visit the Events page to see upcoming meetings/events are upcoming.

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Tell local businesses you support the Irving Commons study

Local businesses, especially ones on the potential Irving Commons block (ie. Irving Street between 9th and 10th Avenues), are a critical part of this project. Those businesses need to know what the community thinks.

In an appropriate and respectful way, we recommend letting them know that you support doing a study to see if the Commons is a good idea.

Those bolded words are important. We are NOT advocating for or against the Commons; we are advocating for a STUDY to see if it's a good idea. We argue: What is there to lose by doing a study?

Spread the word about the Commons project

We think everybody should support the Irving Commons study. Tell your friends, neighbors, colleagues, media outlets, local businesses and organizations, and anybody else you think is relevant.

We suggest letting them know the following:

  • The Commons website:
  • Basic facts about this project: The Irving Commons project is a study to explore the possibility of turning Irving Street between 9th and 10th Avenues into a pedestrian plaza. For more information, explore the Irving Commons website
  • Upcoming events: See here
  • They can support this project: Read the rest of this page to find out how

Let us know about your skills, connections, and experience

This project will be continually evolving. At every stage there'll be need for people of different skills, connections, and experience.

Contact us to let us know what you can offer.

Help with outreach

This is SUPER important. There's a lot of outreach work that needs doing: designing and distributing flyers, outreaching to local businesses, talking to neighbors, blog-writing, contacting the media and other organizations, and so on.

Contact us to help out.