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Note: The below fantasy images of the Irving Commons are only for promotional and conversation-starting purposes; they do not represent serious design proposals.

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    • Almost all spaces of this kind allow access for delivery and emergency vehicles, so it’s likely we’d strongly consider this for the Commons.

    • Thanks for the question, A San Franciscan. These are the kinds of things that need to be investigated. The stage we’re at right now is collecting input to design a study to look into all relevant issues, including the one you raised. This is certainly a matter to consider, so considered it will be.

  1. Adam,
    Why are you:
    -advocating destroying the neighborhood?
    -not posting public announcements of any meetings?
    -duplicating open space that already exists in GG Park?

    115 people do not represent the Inner Sunset.

    • Joe, to answer your questions in order:

      1. Obviously, we don’t see it that way. We weren’t advocating for anything, apart from a study, which wouldn’t necessarily have to involve any physical changes whatsoever (depending on the study’s design). Our view was that a study would help everybody make an informed decision based on more comprehensive data than is currently available.

      2. Because there aren’t any public meetings to post about. The only one so far was on January 16th and that meeting was posted publicly. We certainly didn’t reach anyone, so let us know if you have any suggestions for posting locations we didn’t reach last time – and if you’d like to assist in said outreach. In the meantime, join ISPN’s mailing list and encourage everyone you know to do the same. Then you are guaranteed to find out about these things.

      3. “Duplicating open space” is a debatable statement. No two spaces are identical, no matter how close they are to each other. The question to ask is what are the differences between an open space on a commercial street and an open space in a park? This is a complex question to answer but I suggest that anyone interested in discussing this point educate themselves – read up on the basics of public space (see Reading section on this website for suggestions).

      4. Nobody is saying that 115 people do represent the Inner Sunset. They were just the people who attended the 1/16 meeting.

  2. I have lived at the corner of 9th & Judah for 18 years & think this is fantastic! As someone who lives so close by, I have never had the need to park on that block. I suppose if I were buying a giant TV from Radio Shack or dropping off several large parcels at the post office, I might need to park there but other than that, I would welcome the cars being gone. A possible problem with this would be when an N Judah Streetcar gets stuck making the turn from Irving onto 9th either due to a double parked car on 9th (I see it every day), or a disabled train ahead. Traffic coming south on 9th Ave from Lincoln would be trapped & have no way out.

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