The benefits of pedestrian plazas

Great plazas give identity to a neighborhood

People around the world know Siena for its Piazza del Campo, London for Trafalgar Square, and even Boulder, Colorado for the Pearl Street Mall. These spaces are icons that can be famous worldwide, or just locally. Such places create pride and a sense of ownership among people who use them.

Social and cultural activities flourish in good plazas

When people can meet friends and neighbors, enjoy activities together, and engage in cultural pursuits, such as music and dance, a good plaza has contributed significantly to a neighborhood.

Plazas can have strong economic benefits

Good plazas attract more people to an area to spend at local businesses, whose profits rise as a result. Plazas also spur revitalization by attracting new businesses and organizations and investment to an area.

Health and environment improve

Public plazas increase health and fitness, encourage walking, create green spaces, and help improve air quality.